Tuesday, August 30, 2011

World's fattest people....

Alright, so i just got done eating dinner. It was alright but i felt sick enough just from eating too much too quickly cuz i really hadn't eaten much all day... i hop on facebook and talk to a friend just to see what's up... She's working on finding an article about human development and she mentioned watching a video on the worlds fattest woman... or who at least wants to be. After watching 2 videos on 2 different very humongous women im honestly just sick XP Kind of literally: the amount of food they eat is just ridiculous, and also morally: given the fact that both of them have 2 children who are afraid of their mothers' choices and how it could kill them. How sad huh? But if you wanna watch it go ahead, it's repulsive lol 15,000 calories a day! $750 a week on groceries! WTF!
Bon appetite!

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