Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sometimes a good laugh is always nice.

As the title suggests, i just had a good laugh. It's not like it's foreign, it's just not something that happens every day around here you know? But you gotta love friends haha I forgot almost what it was like to laugh hard. Earlier i was reading a post on my friend's sister's facebook status (say that ten times fast) who apparently has herpes, and the conversation that arouse from that almost sent me on the floor laughing. That and i just got a call from another friend who just mentioned that he broke his xbox.... by throwing it into the ground out in the col de sac XD ?!?!?!? like... what the fuck dude?!?!!! it's not like it's a good thing, just perfect timing you know? Stuff like that always makes for a good story, even if it's a one sentence story :)
But anyways yeah, in terms of laughing, and just happiness in general, today has been a mildly productive day. I've come to terms with the fact that I am someone who has depression but i'll figure my shit out soon hopefully, talked to a doctor and a counselor and things are looking better. Let's just hope these meds don't make me crazy :P
Anyways, i think it's time to make some money... my bank account is sad.

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