Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Been awhile, lets get back into the groove

Well, it's been a few months since my last post, and I've decided to try to keep up every couple days just for kicks.
What's new: I've been in Texas for quite some time. I've been here since probably early May? Not exactly sure... time is just flying away, yet it's going so slow. I want to get back to SD incredibly bad.... for a million reasons but mainly the social life. Staying in Austin is awesome if you're just visiting for like a couple weeks, but it's definitely not home and there are a lot of hicks (just count the trucks vs cars). Not to talk bad about it, downtown austin has some pretty kick ass things to check out... my favorite: Zilker Park. It's not that it's super spectacular or flashy or really much of anything ... its more simply about going there to appreciate the little things. There's a boat rental shop by the river, very cheap prices, and you just go out on a kayak for an afternoon with a camera and enjoy the sights of downtown. You can kayak to where the bats come out under congress bridge, and make friends with kids smoking under another bridge. It's always entertaining, if not just serene.
But anyways, not much more to update on. Having some emotional dues i have to pay thanks to being out here, but there are a few people who make it hard to look forward to leaving (which is definitely happening before my birthday! :D )
You guys take care

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