Friday, August 26, 2011


After seeing the counselor and my doctor i've been trying to do things that are good for me, rather than be a lazy ass and just sit around all day reading facebook and wishing i'd win a pot of gold. The hardest thing for me, and i think most people, is self motivation and doing what you need to especially when you just don't find yourself wanting to at all! My goals leaving those two offices were: 1. run 4 miles every day, at least every other day , and 2. work enough during the week to be able to save up for my Great Escape! and so far these last couple days i've been making progress... definitely in comparison to the couple weeks before hand (which i won't really talk about because it was me doing nothing haha). So far in the last 4 days i've ran 4 miles for 3 of them and i've worked a decent amount of hours.... and the thing i think that changed wasn't the crazy meds kicking in, i think it was just knowing that i can't fix all my problems myself. All i can do is follow the advice of those trained better than I, and with my best judgement, keep my head up and do what needs to be done. Sticking with those 2 goals i feel like im on the right track to happiness.

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