Sunday, February 27, 2011

Second Post. Woo!!!

   Hey everyone, how are your sundays progressing? Mine is great so far, just wanted to check in and finally get some posts done!
   What's good, any special events/ parties yesterday? Possibly hungover? lol i wish i could say the same! but anyways, today after reconnecting with tennis (something i haven't done in a couple years) i just wanted to bring attention to this little place i had lunch at called The Burger Factory. In case you didn't know, i live in San Diego, it's home to me. And this burger Factory is located in (my opinion) the best part of Poway, Old Poway! it's located off of midland over by the little trainstation.
   So, why write about some burger joint? To be completely honest i like getting that mom and pop shop taste every once in awhile. Home cooking i guess without actually you making it. I decided to be slightly adventurous and went with a chili burger. If you dont like chili, well there are other things to check out i.e. blts, normal burgers, salads, you know: whatever. But to my surprise a chili burger by their standards consists of an upside down burger with chili, diced onions, and cheese all over. Forks are a must.
   Not to focus just on the food (even tho it is the basis to why we even go to restaurants), the service was a solid A and the feel of the place itself was fun (old western almost with antiques everywhere). Prices: moderate. It's a great place to go for lunch on any day, or to even take the kids out on a sunday. there's a little train track for riding out in front and of course, there are coloring books. :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Inception (No, not the movie)

Welcome to my kickass blog page! I have no idea who you are, and vice versa… so, instead of being rude, my name is Matt. Hello. How has your day gone so far? Hopefully well, and if so then what a coincidence, same here J Now you’re probably wondering what is the big deal with this blog. Am I just ranting? I could be or you could just keep reading to find out for yourself. The goal in regards to this first blog of mine really is to establish the whole concept of “blogging” and what it’s kind of about. What I mean is: instead of just hearing about blogs and wondering time and time again what the big deal is with this "blogging" i've come to terms and have gave in. What my current understanding of a blog is is more so a place where anyone can write their thoughts on any subject out for the entire world to see. At the core, that’s what a blog is. A handful of different websites have reinvented the “blog” over and over and over. How? For example: facebook, myspace, twitter… just to name a few. Personally I’ve been using facebook for a couple years now and before I made my account I was unaware that it is a form of blogging. I think it’s safe to say that I’m not the only one who’s made that assumption that facebook isn’t a form of blogging. Fair enough? I believe so :D So, we’ve established what a blog kind of is: a website used to post ideas for others to take in. It’s not all limited to writing, there are video blogs as well. Two of my favorites (when I actually watched them back in the day) were the two podcasts: Ask A Ninja, and Goodnight Burbank. I would suggest checking them out…. They can be pretty hilarious. Anyways, video blogs are a very popular form of blogging… I’m sure you’ve heard of youtube. If you haven’t then pay attention to this sentence, if you have heard of youtube then skip to the next one: youtube is a website that allows everyday people to connect together online and share videos that can be uploaded in a number of ways. Crafty? I’d say so. If only I had invented it! Lol But anyways, this is only one of the many websites that allow public video sharing. Thanks to youtube and everything similar to it, anyone with a camera can video blog, and at some point just about everyone does! My initial thoughts on blogging was something along the lines of a journalist. I thought a blogger was someone who just wrote all day on particular issues or problems like a journalist. And in a way I can see how I was right and wrong… considering that a blog is generally done with some form of purpose which does answer an issue or problem, or simply just existing like a car forum the blog is then the answer to an issue.  Looking back on it, it was a very narrow perception on what a blogger is, since we know a little bit more about how blogging can be done… and the motives surrounding it.