Tuesday, August 30, 2011

World's fattest people....

Alright, so i just got done eating dinner. It was alright but i felt sick enough just from eating too much too quickly cuz i really hadn't eaten much all day... i hop on facebook and talk to a friend just to see what's up... She's working on finding an article about human development and she mentioned watching a video on the worlds fattest woman... or who at least wants to be. After watching 2 videos on 2 different very humongous women im honestly just sick XP Kind of literally: the amount of food they eat is just ridiculous, and also morally: given the fact that both of them have 2 children who are afraid of their mothers' choices and how it could kill them. How sad huh? But if you wanna watch it go ahead, it's repulsive lol 15,000 calories a day! $750 a week on groceries! WTF!
Bon appetite!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Feelin' down

Im starting to think these meds are bad for me... since i started taking them my mind has felt kind of cloudy, and i can't focus too much. On top of that, i just feel bland... emotionally sterile. Uncaring, and not passionate at all. Correct me if i'm wrong but: they're suppose to help with that... right?

Friday, August 26, 2011


After seeing the counselor and my doctor i've been trying to do things that are good for me, rather than be a lazy ass and just sit around all day reading facebook and wishing i'd win a pot of gold. The hardest thing for me, and i think most people, is self motivation and doing what you need to especially when you just don't find yourself wanting to at all! My goals leaving those two offices were: 1. run 4 miles every day, at least every other day , and 2. work enough during the week to be able to save up for my Great Escape! and so far these last couple days i've been making progress... definitely in comparison to the couple weeks before hand (which i won't really talk about because it was me doing nothing haha). So far in the last 4 days i've ran 4 miles for 3 of them and i've worked a decent amount of hours.... and the thing i think that changed wasn't the crazy meds kicking in, i think it was just knowing that i can't fix all my problems myself. All i can do is follow the advice of those trained better than I, and with my best judgement, keep my head up and do what needs to be done. Sticking with those 2 goals i feel like im on the right track to happiness.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sometimes a good laugh is always nice.

As the title suggests, i just had a good laugh. It's not like it's foreign, it's just not something that happens every day around here you know? But you gotta love friends haha I forgot almost what it was like to laugh hard. Earlier i was reading a post on my friend's sister's facebook status (say that ten times fast) who apparently has herpes, and the conversation that arouse from that almost sent me on the floor laughing. That and i just got a call from another friend who just mentioned that he broke his xbox.... by throwing it into the ground out in the col de sac XD ?!?!?!? like... what the fuck dude?!?!!! it's not like it's a good thing, just perfect timing you know? Stuff like that always makes for a good story, even if it's a one sentence story :)
But anyways yeah, in terms of laughing, and just happiness in general, today has been a mildly productive day. I've come to terms with the fact that I am someone who has depression but i'll figure my shit out soon hopefully, talked to a doctor and a counselor and things are looking better. Let's just hope these meds don't make me crazy :P
Anyways, i think it's time to make some money... my bank account is sad.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Been awhile, lets get back into the groove

Well, it's been a few months since my last post, and I've decided to try to keep up every couple days just for kicks.
What's new: I've been in Texas for quite some time. I've been here since probably early May? Not exactly sure... time is just flying away, yet it's going so slow. I want to get back to SD incredibly bad.... for a million reasons but mainly the social life. Staying in Austin is awesome if you're just visiting for like a couple weeks, but it's definitely not home and there are a lot of hicks (just count the trucks vs cars). Not to talk bad about it, downtown austin has some pretty kick ass things to check out... my favorite: Zilker Park. It's not that it's super spectacular or flashy or really much of anything ... its more simply about going there to appreciate the little things. There's a boat rental shop by the river, very cheap prices, and you just go out on a kayak for an afternoon with a camera and enjoy the sights of downtown. You can kayak to where the bats come out under congress bridge, and make friends with kids smoking under another bridge. It's always entertaining, if not just serene.
But anyways, not much more to update on. Having some emotional dues i have to pay thanks to being out here, but there are a few people who make it hard to look forward to leaving (which is definitely happening before my birthday! :D )
You guys take care